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<Evening Primrose CBD Capsule Supplement>


Women's Balance 


Contains CBD: 12mg CBG: 3mg per tablet.


After enjoying the gummy sensation, you can leave the oil in your mouth to increase the absorption rate, making it a supplement with a mysterious texture. "Evening primrose" is rich in "γ-linolenic acid", which has many functions to care for the female body. Developed to support women who want to balance their mind and body on a daily basis with a faint lavender scent.


Take 1 to 3 capsules a day with water or hot water. You can also enjoy it as a gummy.


No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or THC. A balanced diet is based on a staple food, a main dish, and a side dish.




[Precautions for use]

●Please follow the recommended daily intake ●If you are undergoing medical treatment or taking medication, please consult your doctor. ●Avoid use by children who are pregnant or breastfeeding. ●Avoid taking before driving a car. ●Keep out of reach of children and pets. ● Capsules may adhere depending on the storage environment, but there is no problem with quality.

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature

CBD Capsule Women's Balance 60 tablets

Price Options
One-time purchase
隔月のWomen's Balance
¥4,233every 2 months until canceled
毎月のWomen's Balance
¥3,735every month until canceled
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